11 Blogging Tips For Successful Blogging And Building A Thriving Blog In 12 Months

As a blogger, you are always responsible for everything that goes in and out of your blog. This means that whatever made you decide to communicate will either make or break you. Being successful at building and maintaining a blog therefore requires you to really explore blogging techniques and methods and continuously look for ways of improving on your blogging weaknesses.

Get Rid Of Misconceptions

First of all, you should be cautious of misconceptions about how blogs works. There are those who believe that blogging is a simple process of posting and publishing content in the hope that it will find the readership. In contrast, most successfully built blogs always rely on well thought out and reviewed communication strategies that go beyond linking blogs to social pages.

Command Attention

In order to gain more blog readers, you must be able to have command in your writing. This means having a clear style of writing that is strikingly informative, educative and entertaining.

While you are at it, it is important to ensure that your content is focused on the needs of the reader. You should therefore be able to fragment your target audience’s interests including determining their preferred communication modes. Providing relevant industry knowledge to your customers and clients is also important, and this should reflect in your blog.

Answer why you want a Blog?

Is your blog meant to increase your brand visibility, showcase industry leadership or to increase your sales? Through answering these questions, you will be able to establish your overall goals of having a blog and with this, be able to focus on meeting the needs of your readers.

Determine Your Target Audience

Your blog should not just give advice to a general audience. It should be focused on giving information suited for a certain audience. You therefore have to carefully select your audience by determining who they are, why you want to write for them, what problem are you solving for them and if doing all that is worth it.

Choose your Blogging Platform

There are many platforms to choose from for your blog. The common one being wordpress.com which provides you with striking web designs to choose from. While choosing a platform, ensure that the platform provides good hosting and design that can render your website easy to access via online and mobile.


Make your Communication Plan

Writing great blog articles doesn’t mean you will get noticed. Therefore come up with communication channels for your blog. This include: Facebook, twitter, linked in, Social forums, guest blogging, and email marketing among others.

With a proper email list you can be assured of getting feedback from your blog readers, including increasing your chances of selling your product or services.

Develop a Reading Culture

Most successful bloggers remain successful because they read blogs from other successful blogger thus improving their own work. You should borrow a leaf here as great bloggers are great readers.

Take Novelty as an Asset

In blogging being different is not weird, it is actually cool and unique. Therefore instead of posting articles as most blogs do, throw in a spanner by displaying your style, personality and beliefs so that readers can know what to expect from you.

Build Capacity

When you are starting out your blog, determine how frequently you will be blogging and follow through. Don’t succumb to the pressure of having voluminous content with low quality. Quality still matters.

Note down Blog Topic Ideas

Blog article Ideas have a way of coming up when least expected. This means that you should always keep your note book close to you as you don’t know if the next article topic will be your breakthrough to stardom. But as a first time blogger, you can take time to write down a list of interesting topics to write about before you begin writing.


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