Stump Removal New Lenox II

Stump Removal New Lenox II Experts has been helping customers for almost 5 years with their tree removal. We try to work with our customers around the Lenox Area to avoid emergency tree removal situations, to save them the time, money and hassle of dealing with a dead, leaning or fallen tree at the last minute…sometimes after it’s already landed on your home, outbuilding, fence or hung-up in your other trees.


We work regularly with all the major insurance carriers and know how to get you the money needed to make sure your Lenox tree removal work is covered. Most of the time, the insurance companies are great to deal with, but once in a while you can run into an adjuster that’s difficult or stingy. In that case, we have a public insurance adjuster that works with our clients to make sure they get enough money from their insurance company to get the tree removed, but also to tarp and repair your fence, outbuilding or home so that it’s “good as new”. Contact Stump Removal New Lenox II for more info.

In addition to a number of experienced crews and the right equipment, we’re licensed, bonded and insured.