How Locksmiths in London get their certification in London

Locksmiths exist to help us whenever we need key replacement or duplication or unlocking doors whenever we lock our keys inside. For security reasons, we want to make sure that whoever we are trusting to take care of our safety is trustworthy, and competent too. That is where certification comes in. Locksmith certification is the only way clients can prove that an individual is not a burglar masquerading as a locksmith, and that he is qualified to handle the operations.

Locksmith in London

Disclosure and Barring Service certificate

Locksmiths need clean bill of health in their background checks. One important certification is the Disclosure and Barring Service certificate which just shows that they have not been involved in any criminal activities in the recent past. This is important especially because their work is largely falls under the security industry.

Qualification certificate

After passing the background check, an individual then needs to take a training course to become a qualified locksmith. The course length various greatly depending on who is offering it. Duration also depends on whether you will be providing domestic or commercial services. Locksmith training courses are focused on skills and even after completing training, certified locksmiths take annual refresher courses.

Skills and morality

Locksmiths companies either hire certified locksmiths from other institutions, or they train and carry out background checks on their own candidates. Trusted locksmith companies and trainers teach their trainees how to analyze security situations in order to provide the best solution to clients. A moral code of conduct is also emphasized during training so that in the end qualified candidates are fair, trustworthy and adhere to safety standards. In the end candidates have to pass both practical and written tests to qualify for certification.

Two in one

Most Locksmith companies like ITTC locksmiths or training institutions carry out their own background checks on their recruits and give them tests to determine their competence. Candidates who pass these the checks and the tests are awarded a single certificate. An example of a standard Locksmith certification that carries both background checks and competency is the one administered by the Masters Locksmiths Association.


There are quite a number of locksmiths companies and training colleges in London. The government doesn’t provide certification, or endorse any single Locksmith body for that matter. The most important factor is to acquire a certification that will be recognized anywhere, and a certification whose background are skills to handle all security situations. The locksmith college or company should be accredited and should provide necessary equipment during training.

The most recognized locksmith certificates in London are accredited by the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE), City and Guild and the Masters Locksmith Association (MLA) which is the trade union for locksmiths in London. Locksmiths accredited by the MLA are recognized by government bodies like the police, the Home Office and the British Standards Institute.

Security is not a matter of compromise when it comes to you and your property. This is the reason why a clean background check and training in skills and ethics is emphasised before locksmiths are certified.