Magician for Corporate Events


Our Corporate Magician is a motivational speaker, teaching youth and adults alike. Creating motivational and inspiring meetings is a difficult job. How do you keep everyone attentive, alert and receptive to your message? It isn’t easy. The fact is that most people are bored of going to the same old humdrum meetings. They want something else and if you don’t give it to them, they will tune you out. Dacy can customize his presentation to your message to ensure the meeting is a success.

Education + Entertainment = Successful Meetings!

His highly praised youth presentation on how to stay away from the “tricks” of the world dealing with peer pressure and drugs is a great way to communicate the message to a group of youth. So please consult Magician for Corporate Events today for a splendid event.


How to Sign Up Gmail

Gmail have become the best platform to send unlimited files and documents either for personal use or professional use for free.Gmail have become the most important part of everyone life, Today gmail account have been used by all the users in many different ways.Few of them use gmail as the source to chat individually , Few more use to Chat In a group, Few Use To Get Notifications on Jobs, Few more use account to connect with social networking sites.Gmail doesn’t restricts it’s users by limitations.User can send and receive unlimited mails and files for free without any limit.

Latest version of gmail have made the users more comfortable and increased the security standards by placing the option of Spam and Promotions in account.Spam identifies all the fake messages by the companies where the user have no use with them and keep the user safe.Where as promotion stores all the promotional emails by the companies.Which means No Spam Mail or Promotional Mail will be dropped in to your inbox. Please check here


Gmail is the application which can be operated very easily and most user friendly too.To create a new gmail account doesn’t take much time, follow the simple steps given below.

Gmail Sign up

  • Navigate
  • On the right side of the screen You can see “Sign in”
  • Click on “Sign in”
  • You  can see “Create a new Account” {Below the Sign in box}
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Enter Your First Name and Last Name
  • Enter Username
  • Enter Password and Confirm it
  • Select Date of Birth
  • Enter Zip Code
  • Select Gender
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter Alternative Email Address
  • Enter The Capcha asked
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Create My Account.
  • New Page will be displayed on the screen.
  • Here Verification of your Account will be done.
  • For the security reasons a verification code will be sent to your mobile.
  • Enter the verification code in the box.
  • Click on Submit
  • You will be guided to your account
  • Upload Your Image and Finish the registration and
  • Start using Gmail Account.

What to do if you can’t sign in

Recover Forgotten Password :

Okay the most difficult time for us we have forgotten our account password, its okay you actually no need to worry about it that much. It’s quite common in most of the people yes they forget their passwords like you! its one of the stupidities or carelessness of human being and we all know a little some guide on how to recover our password. If you don’t then follow these given easy and simple steps on how to recover your account password.

How To Recover Your Account Forgotten Password:

Yes, it is obviously really possible to recover our forgotten gmail password in very few very simple and hell easy steps, all you need to do is to just scroll down and keep up the following our guide/textual tutorial on how to reset password.

Also Check : How To Create Gmail Account 
These Days, people have to remember a large amounts of passwords of separate services and social network websites. Of course, it’s crazy that you will forget your password once a time in your whole complete life. Resetting your gmail login account password takes a very few time, you will have to access your account again. To reset your gmail login password, please firstly visit the official website ( sign in) and click the ‘Need help?’ option in the interface. On the next screen,then go to the “I don’t know my gmail password option” there. The browser will ask you to enter the gmail address of the account where from you have forgotten your password, please enter the username of your account there-in, and then just click on the blue ”Continue” button.

Hire your female magician London

We would like to take a moment to welcome you to
female magician London’s website, the online home of
London # 1 choice in Magical Entertainment.
Here we pride ourselves
in providing the very best in Magical Entertainment for
any special occasion. If you are looking for a Magician
for your next Corporate event, Cocktail reception,
Fundraiser, Wedding, Sales meeting, Golf tournament
We know what it’s like to book
entertainment sight unseen! That
is why we are proud to offer you a
selection of reference letters from
some of our satisfied clients.

Female Magician entertains at these venues and occasions:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Schools
  • Fetes
  • Playgroups
  • Nurseries
  • Hotels
  • Clubs
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Christenings
  • Christmas Parties


Booking Female Magician for your special event

She is available during the week and at weekends.

Make any day you choose special by providing your children with a never-to-be-forgotten experience of mirth, mystery and magic.

Of course, you will want to know about costs and this is best discussed when individual requirements have been taken into consideration.

How Locksmiths in London get their certification in London

Locksmiths exist to help us whenever we need key replacement or duplication or unlocking doors whenever we lock our keys inside. For security reasons, we want to make sure that whoever we are trusting to take care of our safety is trustworthy, and competent too. That is where certification comes in. Locksmith certification is the only way clients can prove that an individual is not a burglar masquerading as a locksmith, and that he is qualified to handle the operations.

Locksmith in London

Disclosure and Barring Service certificate

Locksmiths need clean bill of health in their background checks. One important certification is the Disclosure and Barring Service certificate which just shows that they have not been involved in any criminal activities in the recent past. This is important especially because their work is largely falls under the security industry.

Qualification certificate

After passing the background check, an individual then needs to take a training course to become a qualified locksmith. The course length various greatly depending on who is offering it. Duration also depends on whether you will be providing domestic or commercial services. Locksmith training courses are focused on skills and even after completing training, certified locksmiths take annual refresher courses.

Skills and morality

Locksmiths companies either hire certified locksmiths from other institutions, or they train and carry out background checks on their own candidates. Trusted locksmith companies and trainers teach their trainees how to analyze security situations in order to provide the best solution to clients. A moral code of conduct is also emphasized during training so that in the end qualified candidates are fair, trustworthy and adhere to safety standards. In the end candidates have to pass both practical and written tests to qualify for certification.

Two in one

Most Locksmith companies like ITTC locksmiths or training institutions carry out their own background checks on their recruits and give them tests to determine their competence. Candidates who pass these the checks and the tests are awarded a single certificate. An example of a standard Locksmith certification that carries both background checks and competency is the one administered by the Masters Locksmiths Association.


There are quite a number of locksmiths companies and training colleges in London. The government doesn’t provide certification, or endorse any single Locksmith body for that matter. The most important factor is to acquire a certification that will be recognized anywhere, and a certification whose background are skills to handle all security situations. The locksmith college or company should be accredited and should provide necessary equipment during training.

The most recognized locksmith certificates in London are accredited by the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE), City and Guild and the Masters Locksmith Association (MLA) which is the trade union for locksmiths in London. Locksmiths accredited by the MLA are recognized by government bodies like the police, the Home Office and the British Standards Institute.

Security is not a matter of compromise when it comes to you and your property. This is the reason why a clean background check and training in skills and ethics is emphasised before locksmiths are certified.

Digital Marketing Agency Leeds

Digital Marketing Agency Leeds is more than just a digital marketing agency. We strongly believe in on our ability to take every asset of your practice and build a unique online strategy with social media and online audience optimization, continuous campaign management, flawless website design, and high quality visual marketing. Digital Marketing Agency Leeds specializes in working with clients from the medical and dental fields because we know the industry inside and out.


Digital Marketing Agency Leeds take your practice to the next level. Everything we produce for your practice is completely original and unique because it comes directly from you. We build your campaign from the ground up, using only you and your assets. This allows us to bring you directly to your patients so that they know exactly who you are. We pride ourselves on getting you more than just clicks or calls; we get you patients.

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field that doctors and dentists simply don’t have time to put the required effort into. With innovation and creativity, It develops effective campaigns for medical professionals that continue to push the cutting edge of online and social marketing. Together with his team, we offer a wealth of knowledge in online promotion, video production, content development, and web development with a personal and in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry.

Children’s Magician in Birmingham

Magician Birmingham performs hundreds of shows for children at schools, libraries and fairs and perform regularly for the City of Birmingham.  The shows are fun, fast-paced and age-appropriate. He has performed for many different organizations- not only children oriented- including the military, weddings and many other events in many other settings.


He is a children’s magician and has performed at thousands of birthday parties. He offers features and benefits not available from other magicians. He is a proven professional that children love and that you can feel comfortable inviting into your home. He is a JD and a CPA doing what he loves – delighting children and families. He is licensed and insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We recommend you ensure any performer you consider offers the same assurances –most do not.

Years from now when your child looks back at this birthday, he or she may not recall the food served, the gifts received, or even how nicely you decorated. Your child will always remember the time the amazing Close Up Magician in Birmingham visited and the birthday child became a magician too. Your child will always remember the fun and laughter. And the photos you take of your child and your child’s friends laughing will be a wonderful reminder forever.


11 Blogging Tips For Successful Blogging And Building A Thriving Blog In 12 Months

As a blogger, you are always responsible for everything that goes in and out of your blog. This means that whatever made you decide to communicate will either make or break you. Being successful at building and maintaining a blog therefore requires you to really explore blogging techniques and methods and continuously look for ways of improving on your blogging weaknesses.

Get Rid Of Misconceptions

First of all, you should be cautious of misconceptions about how blogs works. There are those who believe that blogging is a simple process of posting and publishing content in the hope that it will find the readership. In contrast, most successfully built blogs always rely on well thought out and reviewed communication strategies that go beyond linking blogs to social pages.

Command Attention

In order to gain more blog readers, you must be able to have command in your writing. This means having a clear style of writing that is strikingly informative, educative and entertaining.

While you are at it, it is important to ensure that your content is focused on the needs of the reader. You should therefore be able to fragment your target audience’s interests including determining their preferred communication modes. Providing relevant industry knowledge to your customers and clients is also important, and this should reflect in your blog.

Answer why you want a Blog?

Is your blog meant to increase your brand visibility, showcase industry leadership or to increase your sales? Through answering these questions, you will be able to establish your overall goals of having a blog and with this, be able to focus on meeting the needs of your readers.

Determine Your Target Audience

Your blog should not just give advice to a general audience. It should be focused on giving information suited for a certain audience. You therefore have to carefully select your audience by determining who they are, why you want to write for them, what problem are you solving for them and if doing all that is worth it.

Choose your Blogging Platform

There are many platforms to choose from for your blog. The common one being which provides you with striking web designs to choose from. While choosing a platform, ensure that the platform provides good hosting and design that can render your website easy to access via online and mobile.


Make your Communication Plan

Writing great blog articles doesn’t mean you will get noticed. Therefore come up with communication channels for your blog. This include: Facebook, twitter, linked in, Social forums, guest blogging, and email marketing among others.

With a proper email list you can be assured of getting feedback from your blog readers, including increasing your chances of selling your product or services.

Develop a Reading Culture

Most successful bloggers remain successful because they read blogs from other successful blogger thus improving their own work. You should borrow a leaf here as great bloggers are great readers.

Take Novelty as an Asset

In blogging being different is not weird, it is actually cool and unique. Therefore instead of posting articles as most blogs do, throw in a spanner by displaying your style, personality and beliefs so that readers can know what to expect from you.

Build Capacity

When you are starting out your blog, determine how frequently you will be blogging and follow through. Don’t succumb to the pressure of having voluminous content with low quality. Quality still matters.

Note down Blog Topic Ideas

Blog article Ideas have a way of coming up when least expected. This means that you should always keep your note book close to you as you don’t know if the next article topic will be your breakthrough to stardom. But as a first time blogger, you can take time to write down a list of interesting topics to write about before you begin writing.


Starting a blog from scratch can be easy but making it successful can be tricky. At you get more information and tutorials on blogging.

Terrifying Innocence on my face

It’s still ridiculously cold outside. Painfully cold. But I did manage to be fairly productive today, thankfully. I organized the apartment a bit and it feels much less cluttered now, which is always a lovely feeling.

This is SO overdue, but I finally managed to take a photo of the lovely “M” pendant that my dear friend Laura sent me as a gift. It’s adorable & it has Shatner on the reverse! Oh, yes!:

showing off the lovely "m" pendant that my dear friend laura sent a while back!

showing off the lovely "m" pendant that my dear friend laura sent a while back!

I love it! & Go check out her shop. It’s full of good stuff.

& Also, my friend E.J. sent me this beautiful painting as a wonderful present:

a beautiful birdy painting that my friend e.j. sent me! yay!

(It’s from this Ebay shop.) So pretty!

& Here’s a lovely owl badge that I ordered from Missy’s shop:

an adorable owl badge from lovely missy!

She has amazing things for sale & is such a talented lady.

& I’m terribly excited for Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell:

words in air

928 pages of correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell? Yes, please! Their relationship is fascinating. I hope to get the book for Christmas.

One of my favorite lines of Lowell’s is from his poem, “History”:

“O there’s a terrifying innocence in my face
drenched with the silver salvage of the mornfrost.”

His work is so incisive, sad, beautiful, cutting. Just wonderful.

My toes are freezing. I’m sleeping at all the wrong hours, mostly just because the bed is the warmest place to be. The stairs up to my apartment are treacherously icy. My porch light is currently dead because the bulb froze and exploded. I need to get groceries, but I’ve been too lazy. I have yet to buy a Christmas present for anyone. I need to vacuum this place.

I feel rather behind on everything.

But hopefully everything will be okay.